At Article 43, we believe that youth issues are better addressed when they are integrated into broader county and national development policies and programmes rather than as stand-alone initiatives. There are evidently low levels of youth participation in public policy decision-making in Turkana and Kenya. There is an urgent need for expanding opportunities for youth leadership and active citizenship towards a more inclusive Kenyan society for the benefit of all. Young people remain at the periphery of socio-economic processes and governance structures, without recognition as social stakeholders with special interest. The root cause of this problem include inadequate and sometimes the lack of readily-available appropriate channels and opportunities for young people to engage at all levels of decision-making.

Without the necessary structures and political space for galvanizing youth input into county and national policy formulation, the voices of youth are often excluded. At Article 43, we are committed to providing opportunities for all young people to contribute to and benefit from national development.  We endeavor to lead efforts to supporting Governance & Advocacy by supporting public participation in law-making processes at the county and national level, carrying out non-partisan community civic education programmes, supporting meaningful civic engagement and protecting and expanding civic space.

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