Ms. Shemmy Ebulon Ekuwom is a young, enterprising, energetic and dedicated professional of integrity. Born and brought up in Turkana County, Shemmy has previously worked with a range of Non-Governmental Organizations including the Embassy of Japan in Nairobi as an Administrative Information Officer where she played a leading role in efficiency of embassy operations. A graduate of Finance from the United States International University-Africa, she is fully knowledgeable in general accounting, payroll, and budgeting. She is particularly concerned with implementing innovative accounting practices and procedures to improve organizational efficiency. Shemmy has an unparalleled passion for community development and youth empowerment and has volunteered for several youths-specific programs in Turkana. Shemmy holds a Diploma (International Programme) in Diplomacy at the Galilee International Management Institute- Israel, a BSc. International Business Administration- Finance from the United States International University- Africa, and an MSc IB, International Business from the Lancaster University Management School-United Kingdom (U.K). Shemmy currently serves as the Turkana County Government Director in charge of Tourism. She Planned and oversaw the planning of the Turkana County Tourism & Cultural Festival, profiling Turkana as a destination of choice for tourist through the rallying call as the true origin of mankind increasing the tourist inflow by 25%. She brings this wealth of professional experience and academic training to Article 43 as a Member of the Board of Directors.

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