About Us

Founded in 2014, Article 43 is a Turkana-based youth-led community organization, a
signature initiative of four young and energetic social changemakers, passionate about
inspiring community development through a specific focus on youth and women
empowerment. Our organization was founded as a platform through which the youth
in our community could meaningfully contribute to the attainment of the much
needed community empowerment and development in Turkana. We seek to develop
and implement programs and initiatives that will bring hope and dignity to our local
community as well as improve lives and tap the potential of Turkana youth, equipping
and preparing them to become responsible and active citizens through increased
participation in community development and governance in order to inspire
development across the county. In addition to building their capacities to enhance
their potential, we provide entrepreneurial support, strategic partnerships and
business training to less privileged youth, geared towards socio-economic

For five years, our work has positively impacted more than 20,000 community
members in Turkana directly and indirectly. Our concept is founded on a three-pronged
approach of Youth & Women Empowerment, Natural Resources & Climate Change and
Governance & Advocacy. Through this approach, we intend to focus on building a
robust network of empowered young active citizens committed to creating
sustainable impact in Turkana. We are convinced that an empowered youth, working
in partnership with government and development partners have the power to create
a positive societal change and bring sustainable solutions to address the root causes
of inequality in our home county.

Our Vision

We envision a society where the world’s greatest asset-the youth and women are advancing ideas and solutions that create positive community change.

Our Mission

To champion for the development of programs, policies and initiatives that empower women and young people, enhance their potential and build their capacities.